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More than just not being sick, Deep Wellness is flourishing—feeling good and performing optimally—on all levels including the physical, mental, emotional, familial, social and professional.

Wellness is multidimensional, including physical and mental health, access to health care and other necessities, work life, social life, and overall satisfaction with oneself and one’s life in general.

Shanti’s approach to Deep Wellness combines evidence and best practices from the Western biomedicine with Eastern healing traditions such as Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi. These systems teach holistic methods of healing the body, mind, and heart to yield strength, ease, clarity, confidence and joy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans report on average feeling healthy 19 days a month.  That is only 60% of the time!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel healthy everyday?  Wellness is a lifestyle built on practices we commit to day in and day out.  We have found that four lifestyle practices contribute most to supporting Deep Wellness:  Diet, Movement, Rest, and Focus.

Four Lifestyle Factors of Deep Wellness

A Sympathetic Approach to Health Improvement
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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