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Welcome to Shanti Health Network

The Shanti Health Network is a growing group of progressive physicians and vetted CAM healers, including yoga instructors and yoga therapists, who want to support healthy lifestyle change.

Shanti Health Network

Great Practitioners Integrating Relationship, Skill and Emerging Technologies to Foster Healthier Personal Practices

The Shanti Health Network (SHN) has grown out of a group of lifestyle health practitioners, academics and entrepreneurs, and behaviorists. We recognize that genuine health emerges in action, and that the current environment challenges the best of an individual’s good intentions. We believe, as many professionals are now realizing, that for most individuals health can best be increased through personal practice.
Working with a wide range of practitioners, including physicians, CAM providers, health coaches and dieticians, SHN strives to blend the healing powers of personal relationship with the extraordinary capacity of technology to support healthy change.
We seek to provide balance to the challenges individuals and organizations face in their intention to behave in healthful ways that positively impact health and productivity.

Our Programs

Healthy Organizations
A worksite wellness process that supports lifestyle health by accountably focusing on the core behaviors that impact health for all of us – Diet, Movement, Rest and Attention.
Healthier Patients
A program of lifestyle health support and coaching that allows physicians to accountably support their patient populations in achieving healthier lifestyles.

Additional Resources

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